Dry Hands? Shea Butter Soap Can Help

Dry Hands? Shea Butter Soap Can Help

If you find yourself washing your hands more frequently than usual, or are a healthcare worker who needs to frequently use hand sanitizer you may find that your hands are becoming dry and cracked.

Good hand hygiene is important, but can often leave your skin feeling poor. You may be suffering from dry hands, dermatitis, or even red, itchy skin. If you are prone to skin conditions like psoriasis or eczema you may find that excessive hand washing worsens your condition as well. 

One of the best ways to handle an issue like this is to wash your hands using shea butter soap.

Why Washing Your Hands Too Much Dries Them Out

Even though frequently washing or sanitizing your hands is vital to prevent the spread of germs, it can be drying for many. This is because frequent exposure to water, certain soaps, and alcohol found in hand sanitizers all strip your skin of the fatty compounds found in the top layer of your skin. A lack of these fatty compounds cause your skin barrier to become compromised and causes irritation, cracks, redness, itchiness and discomfort. 

Tips Preventing Dry Skin on Your Hands

Unfortunately, the best way to reduce dry skin is to wash less frequently and refrain from using harsh chemicals, but this is not always an option. Instead you should try to wash your hands with lukewarm water instead of hot water, pat your hands dry with a soft towel instead of drying them roughly with paper towels, and apply moisturizer to your hands often while your skin is damp. Be careful to choose moisturizing products that don’t contain harsh chemicals which can further irritate your skin.

Use Better Quality Soap

Washing your hands properly means washing your hands for at least twenty seconds, getting between all of your fingers and under your nails and working up a good lather. But none of this matters if you aren’t using the right soap. 

Soap is meant to remove oil, dirt, and germs from your skin and break down the outer layer of potential viruses, which is especially important during flu seasons and for healthcare workers. The difference in soaps though lie in whether they have any moisturizing ingredients which are less harsh on your skin. Soaps like shea butter soap, multi butter soap or African Black soap are ideal for retaining moisture in your skin and keeping your skin feeling healthier.

This is especially important if you suffer from dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, have sensitive skin, or allergies to certain ingredients.

Add Moisturizer to Your Routine

As mentioned above you should frequently moisturize your skin with a high-quality lotion like shea butter lotion or multi-butter lotion. You can also use natural oils on your skin like coconut oil, jojoba oil, or even olive oil. 

If you find that you are still suffering from extremely dry, irritated skin even after taking the steps above you can purchase a pair of cotton or aloe gloves at night. This works best if you moisturize your skin right before bed and sleep with the gloves overnight which will help seal in moisture. 

Why Shea Butter Soap?

Shea butter consists of a variety of fatty acids and also contains vitamins A and E, which are the main contributing moisturizing factors. This soap contains various natural fats including oleic acid and stearic acid which contribute to its moisturizing effects. 

These properties are also anti-inflammatory which is why they are ideal for irritated skin and commonly found in soaps and moisturizers. Instead of buying a product that simply contains shea butter as an ingredient, you should just use a soap that is wholly made of this great moisturizing butter.

Order Ninon Shea Butter Soap Today

 In addition to our shea butter soap, we also sell multi-butter soap which is made of shea butter, cocoa, butter, mango butter, and Vitamin E and African Black Soap. All three of these soaps are ideal for addressing the issue of dry, irritated skin and can be purchased individually or in a Ninon Soap Bundle

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